Week 1

Week 1: a summary, a rant, and too much shopping.

Narita · Tokyo

Last day!

Why people don't talk more about Naritasan is beyond me. I'm pretty sure its grounds have seen less regular tourists than people who were just killing time because they had a long layover before their connecting flight at the nearby Narita airport. It is, after all, very easy to reach, and an ideal getaway for… Continue reading Last day!

Imbe (Bizen) · Okayama

So, I chose to come here in the spring to avoid the humidity of summer... and it turns out it's been so humid (and rather hot) all weekend it made me all grumpy. After Florida I never wanted to live through this again. I finally bought some soap scented wipes so I can at least… Continue reading


I went to the Lindt store because nothing says "gift from Japan" like Swiss chocolate for Swiss people, and I went to the airport too early to pick up my mom and there were so many people I had to wait 1h30 before she made it through immigration... my feet were dead and people kept… Continue reading