Travel prep

Last minute preparations-not really

March 27th, 2017, will mark the 9th time I land in Japan, and 10 years since the first time I traveled there. Technically it was in late June 2007 but Japan in summer is absolute hell, and while I could more or less stand it back then, it won’t be the case anymore. My body is now too used to Ireland’s temperatures. I tried Florida last year. I almost died. Japanese summers are just as bad.

So, unless I win a trip or there is something really, really important happening, I will avoid the sauna. I want to enjoy myself, not constantly think about taking a shower.

Just 3 weeks left and my suitcase has been wide open on the floor for weeks, gradually filling with stuff. I’ll confess that I didn’t bother putting it back in its spot with the ironing board, I just emptied it after coming home from Florida, and left it there, knowing I’d be using it soon anyway.

I’m more or less ready. I need snacks for the plane, and I need to go to the bank but otherwise I’m done.

So, I’ll see you all in 3 weeks!



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