I went to the Lindt store because nothing says “gift from Japan” like Swiss chocolate for Swiss people, and I went to the airport too early to pick up my mom and there were so many people I had to wait 1h30 before she made it through immigration… my feet were dead and people kept waving their stupid signs in my face so I couldn’t actually see anyone… then we saw the line for the JRPass exchange and calculated it would take us 2h to queue, so we bought a Skyliner ticket instead and decided to exchange our pass the next day.

Seriously, I’ve never seen Narita that busy. I’m never flying in on a Sunday during Easter holidays, that’s for sure.

I dragged my mom to the Indian restaurant because I told the owner I’d be back (we talked about his native Nepal for a while last time). He gave us free lassi and chai.

Then I asked if I could get a member card again at the hotel. I lost mine – I know I had it before coming because I found it and put it somewhere “safe”, but apparently it was a bit too safe and I couldn’t find it again when I left. So they made me a new one, but found the old info from 5 years ago and transferred everything, and for some reason, with all the points I accumulated on the old card, they owed me 20k yen. I’m so glad I asked for a new one.

Today, we went to Tokyo Skytree, one of the highest towers in the world. I might know the JR lines very well, and most of the lines in Saitama prefecture, but the metro is a mysterious beast I very rarely took in all my time here, so we got a little bit confused. We ended up changing trains way more times than necessary, each time we changed I noticed the station we were at was connected to our hotel station, so at least it made the return trip very easy.


Our goal was not to go on top of the tower because it’s too expensive, but to go to the giant mall under it. Most of the shops are clothes, bags and shoes stores, and I think I prefer Sunshine City. Less people, more funny store names. I believe Skytree is overrated. Even after 2pm it was impossible to find a restaurant without a huge line outside and they didn’t even look that good. So if you don’t intend to go up the tower you can probably safely skip this entirely.



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  1. Lol, skytree… the last time my friends and I went there – we were quite late? So, most of the restaurants were closing… so we ended up eating at the Indian Restaurant instead. I was joking to my friend and said, suddenly I felt like I’m no longer aboard. The restaurant was playing Indian song on their sound system or something and the menu were in English – it makes me feel as though I’m in Little India (Serangoon of Singapore) XD We ended up having Thosai 😛



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