The sea! …again

Mom has a weird obsession with the sea. Every day when she asked about the program for the day and when I told her where we’d go, she asked if it was close to the sea. This time, it was, but it was her idea.

After Kurashiki, we went back to Tokyo and left our luggage in a coin locker at Shinagawa station, struggling to find one big enough, then struggling because we had no 100 yen coins for it and the “kiosk” where we could split bills and 500 coins didn’t work. I ended up buying chewing gum and we were able to store our things.

We headed to Sunshine City in Ikebukuro (where Ally and I went for our YOI/Namja Town afternoon) so we could still do something with our day, and I think Ikebukuro station scared her a bit! As she was sick from the train we didn’t linger and went back to Shinagawa at sunset.

Our hotel was in Kamata again, and we had a huge bathroom. It was so big you could fit another bed in there, and the shower room was separated from the toilet and perfectly sealed, so you could have a “true” Japanese shower experience with water everywhere. The bathtub was so deep it was a struggle to get in and out. I had the best bath that day.

The next morning is when Mom chose our destination. We were tempted by the ramen museum in Shin-Yokohama, but then we weren’t really hungry so it would have been a bit of a waste. Instead, we went to Yokohama.

Yamashita Park was our first stop. It’s a very nice park with a pier and you can walk by the sea from one side to another, but it doesn’t exactly have a good reason to be recommended. There are better things to do in Tokyo than going to a normal park. Go to Ueno instead, this park is worth it. I didn’t have a bad time, but I’m glad I had my kindle with me. I sat by the sea and read for an hour or two.

Chinatown was next, as it’s just a few minutes away. I was looking forward to it, but I had no idea what I expected really, and it was rather disappointing. To top it all of, each time we approached a restaurant to take a look at the plastic models of food in the window and choose our lunch stop, a waitress or owner came out and tried to convince us to come inside, which definitely reminded me of China so, good job people! I don’t really mind it usually, but I don’t appreciate it when they insist after I say no. So, none of these guys got our money and we didn’t eat in Chinatown. *sad*

Instead, we found a restaurant close to Yokohama station and had some really good spaghetti – to be fair we had good food all the time, have a sample (the spaghetti in question are in the last picture) :

We then went our separate ways – I told Mom how to get to Ueno and I found a spot to continue reading and appreciate my last evening in Tokyo (and planning the next trip).



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