How to ensure your pics will suck: no sun

Welp, I'm kinda late here! I'm writing this on the 10th but setting the date to the 8th. Over the past few days, we went to Kanazawa, Okayama and Imbe. Kanazawa has been on my to-do list for years; worth it? Yes and no. The garden is probably gorgeous in summer or during cherry blossom… Continue reading How to ensure your pics will suck: no sun

Enoshima · Kanazawa · Tokyo

To the sea!

The plan for Tuesday was to visit Yokohama, but after Skytree we wanted some "nature", so I looked up Enoshima, and off we went. Enoshima is a very popular tourist spot among Japanese people, but doesn't see much foreigners as they visit the nearby Kamakura instead. In summer, it's probably hell, given how many people… Continue reading To the sea!