2011: China


Duration of the trip: 3 weeks

Location: Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Emeishan, Guilin, Yangshuo, Suzhou, Shanghai

Type of trip: private guided tour


  • My guide, who was 1 day younger than me, pretended to be my boyfriend so the touts would leave me alone. A brilliant and effective plan.
  • I discovered that the little Evian bottle in the minibar cost 9euros once converted. All hail the kettle to boil tap water
  • I forgot to tip a driver and he almost exploded on the spot
  • The Forbidden City, aside from being mindblowing, is the perfect place to discuss the Emperor’s male lovers with my guide
  • Getting the guide to do stuff he was not supposed to do was great (we ended up in a secluded garden where parents advertise their daughters’ hand in marriage and it took us forever to run out of there. We also ditched the planned restaurant because he said it was a bit of a tourist trap and we ended up eating street food in a park. Guides are not supposed to eat with the customer. He felt all rebellious.)
  • The Great Wall is a terrifying staircase and will turn your legs into overcooked noodles


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